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I believe facial rejuvenation is all about optimisation; improving a person’s existing features so they look better not different.


When I ask clients about what they want to achieve from their treatment, the following answers always reoccur;

  To look more youthful

  To look fresher

  To look natural

  To look healthier


The things they don’t want are;

  Frozen face

  Duck lips

  Pointy eyebrows

  Drooping eyebrows

  Dramatic change or “give away that they have had something done”.


To achieve DOs and avoid the DONT’s its all about BALANCE.

It’s important to take the time to carry a thorough facial assessment.

In my opinion the first rule of facial aesthetics is to RESPECT ANATOMY.

You don’t want to work against a person’s natural facial structure. You need to recognise it and work with it. This way you will optimise the existing facial features and create subtle changes which have a big impact.


As well as achieving cosmetic results, such as lip enhancement and wrinkle reduction, there are many people who feel unhappy with their resting facial expression. For example; people report they are always look sad or moody, and their “resting facial expression” does not actually reflect the way they are actually feeling and can convey the wrong impression to others.

For example;

Dark, sunken eyes and downturned mouth convey the look of sadness.

Heavy, pronounced frown lines convey stress and anger.

A combination of all of the above gives a more severe resting expression with loss of a youthful glow.

How to fix it

Combinations of anti-wrinkle injections using botox and dermal fillers can successfully softened unwanted and lines and wrinkles, and add volume to areas where skin is sagging and lacks plumpness.

As an injector, my main priorities are to reduce and soften unwanted lines and wrinkles whilst maintaining fluidity of facial expression. In other words avoiding the overly frozen look which is the main give away of a botox treatment.

The key things for me are maintaining a natural, spontaneous smile and free movement of the eyebrows. In this way, you can still move your face and express yourself normally but your resting facial expressions are softened.

Looking better typically makes us feel better. In an indirect way, using anti-wrinkle injections as an anti-ageing treatment help to bridge the gap between the way we really feel and the facial image we project.

After all, there is no beauty without expression!