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Spotlight on Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy involves microinjections of a serum containing vitamins, minerals and proteins into the deeper layers of the skin called the mesoderm.

The serum feeds the rapidly dividing skin cells in the mesoderm. This helps promote growth of new, healthy skin and hair cells and help increase collagen and elastin production which has an anti ageing effect.

Mesotherapy is an extremely versatile treatment. Different ingredients are added to the cocktails of nutrients and proteins to treat different skin and hair problems.

Mesotherapy is greatly increasing in popularity in the UK, and although it is not a new treatment, it has been practiced for many years in Europe and South America.

What can mesotherapy treat?

Skin rejuvenation 

Face, hands and décolletage

Hair rejuvenation

Like treating other areas, tiny injections of a serum are placed into the scalp to feed the hair follicles the nutrients they need to grow and increase blood supply.

Cellulite reduction

Lytic enzymes to breakdown fat cells are added to the serum to help reduce cellulite in stubborn areas. To achieve the optimal effect, this treatment is best combined with regular exercise and a healthy, balanced diet.

Mesotherapy in a nutshell….

    Relatively pain free especially if numbing creams are applied to the skin beforehand.

    Natural ingredients = natural results

    No downtime

    Lasting results

    Perfect anti ageing recipe when combined with anti ageing injectables; botox and fillers and skin peels.

In summary, mesotherapy involves injecting a cocktail of vitamins, minerals and proteins into the areas of the skin that is most needed.