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"I had never tried botox before and I have to say I was a little nervous about trying it. Jane was recommended to me by a personal friend so I decided to go for a consultation. Jane was able to explain the treatment to me in great detail and to make me feel able to make an informed decision. I decided to trial it and I am absolutely over the moon with the results. Jane listened to my personal needs and understood what would bring the most natural looking results based on my facial structure. I haven't looked back and feel like I am in good hands every time I visit jane!"

Katherine, London

"Dr.Leonard (Jane) made me feel so comfortable and relaxed about having Botox, at first I was nervous as I had heard negative things about Botox in the press however at my consultation Jane put me at ease as she is very knowledgeable and experienced in this field. When I first went for my Botox injections, Jane was very informative and professional telling me where she was going to place the injections in my forehead and how it would feel during and after. I was really happy with the after effects of what I had done, especially the 2 frown lies in the middle of my forehead which completely disappeared-I would not go to anyone else other Jane for this kind of procedure."

Rachel, London

"I have been seeing Dr Jane Leonard for Botox treatment for three years. I previously used to go to a well-known beauty chain, but switched over to Jane after seeing her for my first treatment. I cannot recommend her highly enough, she is friendly, professional, and ensures that she explains the procedure before treatment putting you at total ease. "

Helena, London

"Jane is a great believer in getting things done in the best possible way and is a very approachable and is always willing to help. I feel that Dr Jane listens to my needs and is always clear in her approach when doing my treatment. The results have been incredible as my face looks natural and fresh which is what I wanted I have had Botox for over 10 years now and. I can honestly say that it has helped to stop these getting deeper as I age. Only 3 treatments needed a year, so quick and easy. Well worth it.

I enthusiastically recommend Dr Jane Leonard for cosmetic treatments."

Simone, London

“I have been using Dr Jane for 2 years for Botox injections and fillers. Her treatments have given me a really natural look that has restored a youthful plumpness to my face after weightloss. The results have been better than I had hoped for and I look much younger and healthier than before. Dr Jane provides an excellent approachable service to her patients with thorough explanation of the procedures and aftercare and I thoroughly recommend her!”

Tia, Liverpool

"Jane was fantastic. I was a bit nervous but she took a lot of time to explain the procedure and reassure me of the results I wanted to achieve. I never felt pushed into it and she even said if I wasn't sure I should go away and think about it! I would recommend her to anyone who was thinking about botox and fillers as she really knows what she is doing and how to put clients at ease."

Nilly, London

"I have been a regular Botox client of Jane's for just over a year and am over the moon with the results that have been achieved.

Prior to having Jane recommended to me I had tried 2 other practitioners but I have been really impressed with Jane's professionalism, flexibility, easy nature and her ability to listen to the result I want to achieve; diminishing my moderate facial lines and wrinkles without having that 'frozen' look!.

Highly recommended!"

Shannie, London

“I have never had regular beauty or cosmetic treatments per se but after visiting Jane for my first ever botox when a friend recommended, I can’t recommend it highly enough. She explained it with strong logic, personable nature and made me feel at ease throughout. The results were subtle/discreet to others but significant to me. Which was exactly the outcome I wanted.”

Liam, London